National & International Competitions

The Miss Dance Drill USA Pageant in California was at one time the "premier" national competition in existence, with categories including Military, Jazz, Lyrical, Large Team, Show, Co-Ed, Prop, Novelty, All Male - and more. Kay Teer Crawford - credited with starting Drill Teams in the USA - was the Director of the Pageant and ran it until she was in her 80's.

Teams who won 1st place in a category were awarded a "Kay-T", a gold plated trophy featuring a dancer with her leg extended - on a solid wood base. The "Kay-T" was made by the same company that makes the Oscars - and cannot be reproduced without the permission of Pageant Officials. All 1st place teams had the honor of performing on the big pageant floor in front of thousands of spectators. Ms. Crawford invited several Hollywood Producers to the event - and they selected their favorite 1st place performance each year and that team was awarded the "Producer's Award".

The event also included a soloist competition. Each soloist had to place in the top 5 of her state pageant, and was required to perform a dance routine, a speech, and a modeling segment. In its prime - the pageant included over 70 competitors each year.

Alaska did host a state pageant for many years. It was started and run by Pauline Sooter, Coach of the Chugiak Chapparels Dance Team for many years. It was always held at Chugiak High School until 1992 when it was hosted in Kodiak. The pageant was hosted in Juneau in 1993, and again several times after that. Ketchikan hosted it in 1998. Leslie Dahl began directing the Pageant in 1994 or 1995.

Kay Crawford passed away several years ago. The Pageant is much diminished - but is still in existence today.

The Miss Dance Drill International Pageant was an offshoot of the USA Pageant. Ms. Crawford and a man named Jack Kogoma ran the pageant which was hosted in Nagoya, Japan each year. Only competitors who had won 1st place in their national pageants could receive an invitation to attend. The attendees were hand picked by Ms. Crawford and Mr. Kagoma. Countries participating included Japan, USA, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Korea and others. The Pageant was held in an arena with seating for 40,000 and had an "Olympic" flare.

The National Dance Team Championships are held in Orlando, Florida. This event is sponsored by the Universal Dance Association and their affiliated company - Varsity. The event focuses more on a "dance" style than did the California event, and attracts teams from all over the country but many more teams from the East Coast. It was the dance world's first televised national competition - and for that reason quickly became the premier dance compeitition in the country. This event includes junior varsity and allstar categories, but its focus is on the Varsity categories of Pom, Jazz, Prop, Kick and now Hip Hop.

USA Nationals is also a dance/drill competition held in southern California. It is sponsored by the United Spirit Association. Juneau's only participation in this event has been in the soloist category. There are over 65 competitors for the "Miss USA Nationals" each year. There is no "pre qualifying" event for this - but schools can only send 1 competitor.

History of Competitions Entered

Miss Dance Drill USA - California

1976 5TH Place in Military (only category entered)
1988 4th Place in Large Drill (did not place in Military)
1989 4th Place in Large Drill (did not place in Military
1993 1st Place in Prop (did not place in Military)
2nd Place in Large Drill
1995 1st Place in Prop
1st Place in Military
1st Place in Large Drill
1997 1st Place in Military
1st Place in Large Drill

Miss Dance Drill International - Nagoya, Japan

1995 1st Place in Prop
1st Place in Military
1st Place in Show Drill
"Mayor of Nagoya" Award

National Dance Team Championships - Orlando, Florida

1999 3rd Place in Prop
5th in Varsity Pom
 Appeared on ESPN
2000 3rd Place in Large Varsity Jazz
4th Place in Large Varsity Pom
Appeared on ESPN

The team is also the recipient of numerous Legislative Citations for excellence, the State of Alaska Governor's Commendation, The City and Borough of Juneau Mayor's Commendation, and the official "Juneau Douglas High School Drill Team Day" in 1995.

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