Miss Thunderbird Camp

Every year the JDHS Dance Team attends the Thunderbird Dance/Drill Team Camp in Portland, Oregon. The camp Administrators and staff select an "Allstar Team" each year as well as an outstanding dancer who is given the title "Miss Thunderbird". There are 500-600 attendees at camp sessions each year, and no more than 2 Miss Thunderbirds are selected from each session. The following JDHS Dancers have earned the title MISS THUNDERBIRD.

1989 - Kristin Harben
1990 - Melissa(Anderson) Richerson
1992 - Anje Lockhart) Marshall
1994 - Lindsie(Boone) King
1996 - Kim DeLapp
1999 - Brittany Troutt
2000 - Genevieve Carson
2001 - Jenner Maher
2002 - Rachel Scandling
2006 - Katelyn Niewoehner
2007 - Amanda Endicott
2011 - Angela Endicott

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