JDHS Dance Team Freshman

(Back) Claire Jardell, Karmen Campbell, Julianna Kawakami
(Middle) Jorace Gonzales, Shanen Mabute
(Front) Co Managers Kuelene Tupou & Alana Paul
(Not Featured) Hope Carpenter

Sophomore year at JDHS has the uniqueness of being a mix of dancers in that some of the dancers have already acquired experience from their Freshman year while other dancers are just now joining the team. They are all very flexible, adaptable, highly skilled, highly motivated and usually bringing previous talent to the team such as gymastics, youth dance, hip hop or even some choreography. Some of these young ladies will move on to becoming officers and mentors in the coming years.

Sophomore Class

Jorace Gonzales
Hannah Sheridan

Studio Photos courtesy of Phil Loseby Photography

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